Announcement No. 021 / 2022 Privacy Notice For Recruitment

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No. 021 / 2022

Privacy Notice For Recruitment

           Aeroklas Company Limited, a subsidiary of EPG:  Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited,

respects recruits’ privacy rights and also realizes the importance of personal data and the protection of personal data, which must be sufficient to prevent infringement of the privacy rights of the responsible data subject. The Company has prescribed and announced the privacy of the processing of personal data to the data subject in order to be informed about the details related to collecting, using, or disclosing of personal data as follows:

1.      Purpose for collecting, using, or disclosing personal data

The Company will collect, use or disclose personal data as necessary for the Company's

Human Resources management to consider the applicant's internship request under the following objectives:

1.1. To be used to process requests for job applications and consider qualifications for employment following the Company's human resource management regulations.

1.2. To be used to calculate compensation wages, including welfare provided to employees and the employees’ family.

1.3. For the legitimate interests of human resource management study, data analysis, and manpower allocation analysis and preparation of a database of work history.

1.4. To be used in training, developing knowledge, abilities, skills, and understanding of employees.

1.5. To be used in communicating with employees, including family or persons used for reference.

1.6. To be used in compliance with the requirements of relevant laws.

1.7. To perform any other lawful actions as set out in the policy regulations in Company announcements or orders. 

2.      Personal Data Processing Basis

       The Company will process personal data on a lawful data processing basis as follows:

2.1. Processing on a contractual basis.

2.2. Processing on a legal basis.

2.3. Processing on the basis of the Company's legitimate interests.

2.4. Processing on the basis of the consent of the personal data subject.

2.5. Processing on other lawful and legal bases

3. Type of personal data that is collected, used, or disclosed is as follows
Collecting, using, or disclosing of the following personal data types:

3.1. Information and documents related to the recruitment process. For example, resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV), cover letter, job application including supporting documents, and interview evaluation comments.
3.2. Contact information for recruitment. For example, first name, last name, domicile address, current address, residence information, phone number, email, social media information and information on people who can be contacted in emergencies in case the person is not a close relative.
3.3. Recruitment information. For example, date of birth, age, height, weight, blood type, nationality, race, religion, gender, marital status, military status, ordination history, health information, interests, opinions and other details, such as referral information, information of relatives or friends who work in the company, convenience in going to work in other provinces, etc.
3.4. Information about family members or dependents of employees who are entitled to receive welfare benefits according to the Company's regulations and human resource management regulations. For example, information about their spouses, children, parents and other beneficiary. However, employees shall notify that person of this privacy policy.

3.5. Photograph or motion picture for identification purposes and safety at the workplace, including the activities of the Company.

3.6. Information about education, activities during education, ability, potential development and other employee qualifications. For example, educational degree, period of education, GPA institution/university, training, test results and professional qualifications. The ability to use languages ​​and computers, drive a vehicle with a driver's license and other skills. Information from references provided by recruitment agencies.

3.7. Information about the recruitment's past work experience. For example, company name/address, working hours, position, detailed salary and compensation or welfare received, nature of work and the reason for leaving.

3.8. Information about recruitment characteristics, such as character, behavior, attitude, aptitude, skill, leadership the ability to work with others, emotional intelligence, corporate commitment, etc. This may be obtained from observation and analysis during work performance or participation in activities.

3.9. Information that recruitment chooses to share and disclose through the Company's systems, applications, tools, questionnaires, assessments and documents.

3.10. Used to identify recruitments, such as ID cards, passport, driver's license, house registration, and other documents issued by government agencies.

3.11. Information about criminal records to consider the suitability of work and to maintain the legitimate interests of the company or a third party. This will be done with the consent of the personal data subject.

3.12. Other personal data for lawful purposes to achieve the objectives related to recruitment.

4. Personal data collection period

4.1. The Company will keep personal data for the period necessary to achieve the specified objectives. Taking into account the necessity of each type of data practice and after the expiration of the said period, the Company will destroy or delete the personal data by an appropriate method.

4.2. The Company will keep the personal data of the applicants for a position for one year, for consideration in the event that there are other positions at the company that may be appropriate for the applicant for a previous position.

4.3. In the event that the recruitment has been selected to work as an employee, the Company will continue to collect the personal data of the applicant for the entire employment period, and for ten years after the employment period has expired.

4.4. The Company will provide an audit system for deletion or destruction of data after the expiration of the retention period, or for data which is deemed unrelated or beyond the necessity for the purpose of collecting that data.

5. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third person

5.1. The Company may disclose the personal data of its employees to subsidiaries and third persons. For example, transfer considerations, background audit, qualification, and the ability to follow the purpose of collecting and processing other personal data in order to achieve the objectives of this announcement policy.

5.2. The Company will require the recipient of information to take appropriate measures to protect the recruitment information and process the personal data only as necessary, and to take steps to prevent or disclose the information wrongfully.

6. Recruit rights

Recruits have the following rights regarding personal data collected by the Company:

6.1. The right to be informed of details before personal data is collected.

6.2. The right to request a copy or transfer of your personal data to the data controller.

6.3. The right to object collection of data without consent.

6.4. The right to request data suspension.

6.5. The right to request deletion or destruction of information that is no longer necessary for storage.

6.6. The right to request the updating of personal data.

6.7. The right to withdraw consent for information collected on the basis of consent.

6.8. The right to make complaints in the event that The Company uses the personal data of recruitment unlawfully.
However, the refusal to provide information or withdraw consent required for the aforementioned necessity and purposes may cause some recruitment requests to not be completed. Also, any withdrawal of consent will not affect the collection, use, or disclosure of data collected with consent.

7. Measures to maintain the security of personal data

To maintain security and prevent the loss, access, use, alteration, correction, or disclosure of personal data without authority or wrongdoing. The Company has provided a system for collecting personal data. There is an access control mechanism and security measures in place. Also, the Company will arrange for regular reviews of measures to ensure effectiveness in maintaining physical, administrative and technical security.

8. Contact the Company and the Personal Data Protection Officer

If you have any questions about this Personal Data Protection Act Policy or want to exercise any specified rights, you can contact us at:

Aeroklas Company Limited

Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO)


No. 111/10 Moo 2, Subdistrict Makhamku, District Nikomphattana, Rayong 21180

Telephone: 038 – 893599     website:

This policy shall be effective from now onwards

Announced on May 10, 2022

Mr. Ekawat Vitoorapakorn
Managing Director

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